The Best Investment Today

Best Investment

I am no finance expert but  one  investment I made  that resulted to unimaginable  returns is when I decided to learn from other disciplines other than medicine.

Our years in medical school has given us the opportunity to learn about the human body, its uniqueness and ways to keep it healthy.  But this body belongs to a person who appreciates the arts, who has mouths to feed, likes to be appreciated and who belongs to a bigger world. There is so much to learn out there.

After residency, I took a business course, seminars on communication, marketing, writing, internet marketing, coaching, cooking  etc.

Over the years, I have met teachers, internet marketers, IT experts, politicians, nuns, hoteliers, fitness instructors, digital artists etc. They are all interesting.  I have greater appreciation of what I do and the world I am in because I have come to know and understand theirs.

Read on personal  finance. Try photography or painting. Learn how to teach or make powerful presentations. Dabble on entrepreneurship.  Learn from internet marketers. Study something that excites and interests you. Talk to different people. Ask them about their world.

Do you have other  classes you want to take? Write them in the comments below. I might take them  too!

Invest on yourself.  Its worth every cent.

4 thoughts on “The Best Investment Today

  1. i once posted on my fb wall “What I do is not all that I am.” this is true for most MDs! we should expand our horizons and learn new skills. try mo po creative arts workshops, ma’am! it’s fun to do mime/handmime.

    • mime… sounds (looks pala kasi walang sound… he he he) interesting shawi. thanks. i am excited to have a short list of what to learn next from the responses to this post!
      more comments and suggestions please…

      • I certainly agree with you elay! There is so much to learn in the world. How about voice lessons? Last week, I learned that some of my friends enrolled in Center for Pop, just for fun. They will be taught for 18 sessions and at the end, they will have a concert, as in a real concert! Sounds interesting, right?

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