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sounding board

Planning one’s future is one of the most exciting thing to do. I can feel the energy passing through every nerve of my body.  When an idea pops up, I can get lost in it for hours. I even dream about it.  Big plans are great! I made a lot of those. I have seen other doctors made them too.

One critical step in planning  is sounding them off to people who can give you their most honest opinion  about it.

Choose your sounding board well.

When I have an idea or project I wish to pursue, I throw it to friends and listen to their reactions. They may react differently. I pick up significant insights  I failed to see myself.  I throw the idea to my parents. Their experiences in life show me other angles I cannot see from where I am. I throw it to potential recipients of my project. They are my most powerful  resource. I also throw ideas to my mentors, they’ve got the wisdom to know what really matters.

As you make plans for your practice, find your sounding board. They bounce back useful and insightful  information important in your planning.  I try to find patterns in their responses. I take note of  things that keeps on coming up. Even negative comments  serve their purpose.

Who is your sounding board?


Ask other’s opinion. They can help shape your plans.






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