Do You Know vs. Do You Care?


When I was an intern, I would hear elderly patients tell Dr. RA “gagaling nako, nakita ko na  doctor ko.”

He is a brilliant doctor.

Going on rounds with him, I realized why his patients would make such a comment. His warmth towards them, attention to what they were saying, reassuring their anxiety, and ensuring even the tiniest detail about their entire stay are the things that endears patients to him.

During residency training,  parents would make similar comments to some consultants. Patient feedback in the hospital would  be, almost always  about whether their doctor cared enough.

I  believe  that when patients come and see us, expertise is a given fact.

Pediatricians know children. Cardiologists know the heart. Orthopedic surgeons know the bones.

What they are figuring out  during the first encounter is whether we care enough.

Do we care enough to see them on time? Do we care enough to pick up  what they are truly feeling? Do we care enough to know  their circumstances? Do we care enough to verify their understanding? Do we care enough to offer  our time  beyond the clinic visits?


Can you please share  how  else we can show our patients we care enough? Please write in the comments below.



Patients come and stay because we cared enough. 




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