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Have you ever wondered what makes patients go to one doctor over another?

It’s always about WIIFM?  (What’s in it for me?)

WIIFM if I go to you?


Here’s an exercise for you.  C’mon,  stay with me here.  Get a blank sheet of paper.  Write three things that will make  your practice different and more attractive to patients.

If you wrote something like this

1. By appointment visits

2. Accepts credit card payment

3. 24 hour access


That’s a good  start. Lets make that  a bit better.  Imagine you are the patient. In each of the following set of two statements, which  connects to you faster and clearer?


Here’s one…

1. I see all my patients by appointment.

2. Manage the rest of your day. Be seen as soon as you arrive.

How about this?

1. We accept credit card payments.

2. Hassle  free consults because paying is as easy as a swipe of your card.

Here’s another…

1. 24 hour access

2. Get the worry off your mind. Call me anytime.


Number 1 statements are features of your practice.

Number 2 statements are benefits your patients will experience with  your practice.


People always want to know what’s in it for them.  When communicating what differentiates you from the rest try focusing on the benefits rather than the features of your clinic or practice.



Communicate benefits not features. 


image by renjith krishnan/freedigitalphotos.net

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