Practice Blue Print

Blue Print

My dad was in the construction business for the longest time.  One of his project is helping start up families  build their first home. I would hear him advice them on how to plan for their dream home.


It may not happen now”,  he would say, “but as you build this house, lay the foundation for the dream house”.


You can start with a single storey, but  plan and design  for a multiple storey.  You can build in stages. When money comes, add on and make it a project.


Starting  a practice is very much like building a dream house.


 A  blue print  helps create the life you want  one step at  a time.  Just like in a house, a blue print  helps connect the different “rooms” in our life .


It  also helps us recognize opportunities that fit into the dream  when they come.


A friend  wanted to have clinic only  in the mornings.  She would like her afternoons free to do other things.  But the schedule she likes is taken.  She approached a  friend who is currently occupying the clinic slot she likes and told her  that in case her friend gives up the slot, she would gladly take it.  She did!


When I was planning, I defined what I wanted by imagining how things will be. I wanted time for my family. I would like to be able to bring and fetch my son in school.  I wanted to finish with patients early. I would prefer less calls at night. I wanted most of my patients to be first born. I want patients who do not hop from one doctor to another. I want a relationship with my patients and their families. I should be able to get home to tutor my son.


Because I imagined how things will be, I scheduled my clinic hours around my son’s school hours. I decided to practice in a hospital where there are residents. I tied up with a friend who teaches Lamaze to first time parents teaching basic baby care before they give birth.


Picture your dream practice. Build on it.

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