I Have Other Lives

other livesI have other lives! I often say this.  Sometimes as a statement (when toxicity gets the better of me). Sometimes as a joke. But most of the time I mean it.

Have other lives and get started with practice? Yup. You heard me right. Pursue other lives. Pursue your Passion. You can be an Entrepreneur. Artist.  Chef. Writer. You can be anyone you want to be! Some tell me, I don’t know anything about business, I am not artistic, I am not tech savvy… etc.  and I say, we studied medicine , what else can we not learn! Go and learn something new!

Why bother “having other lives”  as you start your practice?

 It widens our perspective.

I took a blogging course (Maven Secrets) under Our Awesome Planet  founder  Anton Diaz  and coach John Marvin Cruz. I was the only doctor in the class. Some classmates were from the corporate world. Entrepreneurs. Nail artist. Yoga practitioner. IT and marketing specialist.  Hearing what they have to say provided me with the oh so important other people’s view. Our patients come from all walks of life.  We need to understand where they are coming from. It helps to get to know their world. It helps us connect.  Patient care is about connection. Personal connection. Beyond the disease.

It keeps the fire  ablaze in our work .

I remember one principle  I learned as a teacher/trainer. To keep the focus, to allow a fresh view and simply to relieve boredom or tiredness, you’ve got to pause and do something else. I chunk an otherwise long talk into 15 min segments and ask the audience to do something else even for a fleeting minute.  So with our work. It can get a bit  (okay, not a bit…)  stressful to be seeing patients all day, all week. Not to mention hospital and patient calls in the wee hours.  I am a better doctor because I chose to have time to do other things and be somebody else.

If  done with the same passion as that of your practice, it can provide another income stream.

My dad has always told me not to worry about money.  He didn’t say that because  he will give me   he he he.  I tell you, he is generous. He  assured me with certainty that it will come as long as I  do things well and always give my best. I believed him. So write if you must. Bake with gusto. Paint with passion.

I know of a few who can inspire us.  They have kept the passion for being in this profession but have pursued other things along the way which made their lives fuller! A  radiologist turned photographer. An OB-gynecologist creating memorable experiences as events specialist. A young doctor who is a great performer  and choreographer. Hats off to you all!


So, how about you, what’s your “other life”?



photo credit: ambro/freedigitalphotos.net




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