Surviving A Root Canal

I recently had a root canal.  I have been postponing this for a time. I have never thought of as many   delaying tactics  ever! Root canal has a reputation for being painful. This must be the same thing  my patients  due for boosters ( specially the four year olds !)   is feeling .  I can almost here them say to their moms, “Can we do it another time ….please?”


Dr. D, my dentist has been looking after my teeth for quite sometime now.  My sister calls her Dr. G (“Dr. Ganda”) because she is pretty. She is also a Dr. “D” as in diver.  It helps so much if you have a dentist like her.  She walked me through what will happen (though I still got the jitters). It does help to know if patients are aware of how things are going to be even if in a general way.  Some wants more details , so we ought to give it to them.


I was given some stress balls like this.


Ha ha ha, if only the stress balls could complain! At several points during the procedure , she gently told me to just press on the stress balls. It did helped! Anticipating needs of patients is a way to make them feel better about a procedure specially if it is something that is new to them.


It also helps that Dr. D has a gentle and reassuring voice. She is very sensitive to my cues (cues as in a little bit of tensing here and there…) and gives some reassuring  remarks.  Patients feel good when they know that their doctor is very aware of how they are  as procedures are done.  Its a skill as well as a discipline  to be conscious about the way the patient is feeling at the same time  focusing on what is being done.  Thank God  she is that way!


It is also reassuring to  patients when they are told that should they have any concern,their doctor is readily accessible.

It is not hardline advertising that makes patients come, believe me.


Have you had a root canal or a similar experience? How was it?


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