We’re Friends!

ID-10045041I’m back!

Pardon the hiatus! It’s been busy. It’s been tiring but it’s been fun too! It’s been a  great  past  weeks with all its twists and turns but all useful, insightful and for some reasons I may not know now, all for the greater good!


I have this urge to write about friends .  I am grateful for friends. You know… the kind who sticks with you…mirrors things to you.  Many things become possible when friendship reigns.  Work becomes easier. Differences become opportunities.  Difficulties become bearable.  Communication does not always mean spoken with friends. Isn’t that great?  Less noise, more understanding.  How’s that for a definition of friendship?


But this blog is about work, how can I be a friend?  Imagine patients as your friends. Imagine how powerful that is. Imagine how it can work wonders for you and for your patient.  The attitude is welcoming.  There is listening and focus as you get lost in each other’s company. Less judgemental. Spoken and unspoken words are captured. Candid but truthful.  Aren’t they all fundamentals in  a good patient – doctor relationship?


While others say friendship with patients can lead to ethical issues that may compromise care, it can go either way depending on how we choose it to be.

What’s your choice?


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