A Letter to My Young Start Up Doctor Self

ID-10070921To my dear  start up doctor  self,



Hey! Excited? I hope this letter finds you a few moments away from wrapping up your training. In a few weeks you set out to start your practice.


I am your future self and let me tell you something: you did well.

You have a practice that you want and you have a life you enjoy. Lets not get ahead much. That’s not why i am writing you.


I am writing to share a few things i learned along the way.



Keep your passion alive.


Ours is a caring profession. Passion is the fuel that can sustain it. Our years of training tell us its no easy job. There will be difficult cases and this time you are on your own. You are the attending. You will make crucial decisions together  with your patient. You will be tired and challenged. Find comfort that you have been trained well for this. That there is a great resource out there for you including friends, mentors and colleagues. Bathe your efforts in prayers.


Build relationships.


Thats what patients are looking for. Be their friend. Confidant. Ally. Patients want to know first if you care enough.


Just aim to help.


If you do this, pleasing patients will be effortless. This can be tricky though. Ask  how you maybe of help. Listen to,  not just hear what they are saying.  Match your patient’s needs.  They may need you to understand what ails them and how to recover or improve their condition. But they may want you to understand and address concerns beyond the disease.


Continue to invest on yourself.


You are more than a doctor. Do not bury the gifts you have been given. Rediscover them. Learn new things. They will come in handy  many years into the future. You can be the  doctor who teaches,who bakes, who paints. You can be anybody.


Let your life purpose sustain you.


When patients come in trickles and income do not come as expected, remember what you are called to do. It will help you to keep going. I assure you , the money will come.


Time is an asset.


It has its value just like any currency. Be careful how you use it. Choose to spend each day doing things that leads to the fulfillment of your life purpose. Do not   be like  a fly that keeps on moving but not getting anywhere.


Mistakes have a silver lining.


Do not crucify yourself when you make one. Listen to what it is telling you. More often it can be your greatest teacher.


Choose your company.


Surround yourself with people who can  positively affect you and the world.


Preserve your integrity.


Let no company  or person buy or take it away from you.


Enjoy the journey my young self. Beyond the turns and twists is a life you have every opportunity to shape.

The best of years to come dear!



Your Future Self


photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net

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