What is Your Brand?

brandingA couple came into the clinic a few days ago. They are expecting their baby soon and would like to speak to me.  As they came in, I asked how  they came to know about my clinic.

Expectant Dad said, he told a friend that they are looking for a pediatrician for their first born. They would like to ask for some names. His friend asked “what kind of doctor would you like for your baby?”  Expectant Dad went on to enumerate what they want. So my name came up. “Go to Dr. E.”

This little conversation made me think. What can we do so that when potential patients ask their friends  for doctors they can go to, we can  easily be  top of mind? We need to develop our brand.

Brand?  Isn’t that for products only?  But we  are not selling products, you might say.  In our world, in the service profession, WE are the product.  Ha? I am the product?  Yup.  We are the product.  In the same way, real products try their very best to connect and evoke a relationship with their consumers–how are we doing so on our end? I looked for a few definitions of branding that we can easily understand. Here’s a few:

From the Marketing Spot:

“A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.”
Marty Neumeier

“A brand isn’t a brand to you until it develops an emotional connection with you.”
Daryl Travis

“…brands speak to the mind and heart”
Alina Wheeler


Branding helps  build an identity that makes patients easily spot you.  It makes you standout. It makes it easy for others to think of you and refer to you. This identity is often emotional.  People make  a lot of choices based on their emotions. You only need to read forums and see how  people choose one product or service over another.  Most often it is because of the emotions evoked as they experience the product or service. “Mabait sya, hindi nagmamadali, hindi ako naiinip kasi hindi mahaba ang pila, on time sya, magalang yung secretary, okay lang magtanong…”


For  a very useful checklist on building your brand check out  here.

Can you now answer, What is Your Brand?


photo credits: freedigitalphotos.net/Suwit Ritjaroon




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