Seeing It Through Their Eyes

eyes of the patientIt’s a challenge to see things in the eyes of others.  As a child , its “me-my-mine.” Slowly it becomes “we” (as seen during parallel play  in children or maybe when there is a  significant other).  But seeing it in “yours” and completely give up mine , I must admit is not an easy thing to do.

To shape our practice in the “eyes” of our patients maybe one of the best thing we can do. I dare not say 100% but it sure is not impossible.  I invite you to walk the way of your patient and find out what they would like to see.

  • When you go to the clinic, how long do you like to wait? How do you want to make the waiting more pleasant? Is the waiting area comfortable enough for you?
  • Is the secretary approachable? Is her work area organized and uncluttered? Do you have a sense that your records are safe and intact?
  • Is the clinic clean and  uncluttered?
  • Is the doctor accommodating, unhurried and  fully understands your concerns?
  • How do you like the doctor to explain things to you?

Picture yourself as the patient and see the whole process  in his eyes. You might see something surprising to say, why did I not think of that?

How about you, whose eyes  do you use in shaping your practice?


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