My Story

Freshly out of pediatric residency,  I found myself  in the middle of an interview. Three panelists were in front of me. I was trying to get into a subspecialty program . This interview is crucial to my acceptance. Few minutes into it, one of the doctors described how life would be like if I pursue the subspecialty. A voice echoed in my head saying“ Yikes!, what am I doing here? This isn’t for me! This isn’t what I see myself in the next 3 three years. More so for the rest of my life.” Panic stricken on the inside , ( I tried so hard to hide it though )  I politely answered all the questions they threw at me.

I never got myself into that subpecialty. I was told I did very well in the case diagnosis but I seem to be not cut out for it.  How glad was I !

I took graduate studies in Ateneo Graduate  School of Business and  took courses in health care management in the Asian Institute of Management. I wrote a  column in a parenting magazine and taught  parenting classes for a few years.  Over  15 years ago, I started a cooperative of doctors (now with over 700 members in Manila and the provinces).  For seven years, I helped young doctors  (residents and fellows)  prepare for  life after training through professional development programs at  The Medical City.

I realized we,  doctors need a lot of help getting started with our lives and our  practice. Discover our passion. Find our gifts and use them. Build a practice that thrives.  A sort of guide  in our pursuit to make a life as well as a living.

Who does not dream of a flourishing medical practice? How about a great life with family and  friends  to go with it?

GetStartedMD  is about my continuing  journey into a practice that is thriving and a life that I am enjoying. It is also about  valuable lessons learned from mentors and friends  in and out of the medical community.  There is so much out there to make gems out of  each of us.

We all have our own definition of a practice that thrives and a life that we enjoy. These are my twists and turns. I invite you to share  yours.

Thrive and enjoy life!


Doc Elay

Elay S. Senseng, M.D.

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