3 Lessons I Learned from The Greatest Showman Movie


Have you watched The Greatest Showman?  The movie is starring Hugh Jackman sans the metal in his arms. The story is inspired by the life of  Phineas Taylor Barnum who founded the  Barnum’s American Museum and Barnum and Bailey Circus. He eventually sold it  to the Ringling Brothers  who merged  their  own show with it and became known as the Greatest Show  on Earth.


While the movie may have some cinematic license when it comes to certain details, there were lessons to learn from the movie as presented.

     1. P.T. Barnum’s dreams came true because he was passionate.  He knows what he          wanted and he pursued it relentlessly.  He was adamant despite obstacles and                downfalls. He was fired by his purpose.  If you are a start up like him, the same              passion he had becomes a fuel to pursue your future and make it happen.

2. He knew his audience and delivered what they clamor for.  He knew people are               by  nature are curious and he gave them what they seek  for.  His show became             relevant  to his audience because they were answers to their natural curiosity.  If             you are a start up, it pays to know the customer and respond to their needs.


3. He tried his best to make a life not just a living.  He may not have realized it                    earlier, but certainly in the end, he knew its not just about making a living. In                   planning your start up, have your big picture to include a life that makes your heart         smile.

How about you, any more insights from the movie?