Learning Jar

No doctor can become a good one without being a life long learner. As I began  my practice, I know  I need to keep learning. Attendance to annual convention is required to get a good standing. There are membership fees  to pay on top of convention fees. I also want to attend at least one general pediatrics  post grad course  and one or two subspecialty post grad courses once a year. Mabigat sa bulsa. Absent pa sa clinic. Kailangan isipin as investment not expense. 

During my early years,  I was going on “round” ( 🙂 kasi isang patient lang) when i chanced upon an admired lady consultant. I appreciate practical tips from her whenever we have chats. We were talking about expenses and how  many think doctors earn a lot. She told me that as one’s practice grows, many would ask for help, most often financially. She most often obliges but it can disrupt or dent one’s budget.  To solve the problem of sudden need for money when someone asks for help, she maintains a separate fund for it that she continues to fill up all year. Some patients and friends who are willing to donate as a way to pay forward because they have been attended to for free, are put in this fund too.  

This gave me an idea to set funds for future learning expenses. This will be my learning jar. A portion of everything I earn goes to this jar.  I can use it for the annual convention fees , post grad  courses, or any skill building expense I need.  As I do it this way, it reinforces the way I think about learning as an investment I need to save up for. It has worked for me through the years. Its  been worth it. After all, the biggest asset I  have is myself. Why not spend generously for my own growth and development. Go get your jar now and start filling it up!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net